Patient Testimonials

Impressive insights

Very knowledgeable, able to think "outside of the box", treats patients as individuals, friendly bedside manner, and great commitment to follow up care!

Highly recommend him for any ENT issue!!

Extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Compassionate, kind and prompt.

Dr. Seth J Silberman goes beyond the call of duty.

I was having an extremely painful throat. Dr. Silberman fit me in his already busy schedule, without acting like it was a chore. He saw my condition was rather severe with a peritonsillar abscess (abscess tonsil). He had me transferred to the ER and then did the necessary procedure, on his lunch hour. no less. His concern for my comfort and well-being was beyond compare. This is the type of doctor from the past, that really cares about his patients' fears as well as wellness. Thank you again Doc!

One of the good guys.

After being diagnosed with sinus issues for years, I couldn't take the pain any longer and went to Dr. Silberman. Not only diagnosed as an infection, he gave me something for the pain that was NOT an opiate, but steroids, and it worked!!! He's the greatest just for getting rid of my headache. Followed the prescription for antibiotics, and again, after years of sinus problems, I have not had an infection for over 3 years. He's very caring and very nice as is his office staff. Highly recommended.

Best in class.

Dr. Silberman has a wonderful bedside manner. You may have to wait sometimes, but you know it is due to his diligent care for EVERY patient. I had a very successful sinus surgery with a great recovery, limited swelling and no bruising. My daughter (age 7 at the time of surgery) had her tonsils removed and was back in school doing great within 7 days. I would highly recommend Dr. Silberman to anyone.

Your staff was excellent!

Your staff was excellent...treated me well. I can breathe better than I ever have. I had no pain and did not use any of the pain pills. I'm very happy with the results.

It made a huge difference.

I'm so glad you did that balloon surgery. It made a huge difference. I can breath better, my sinuses drain better. It has even helped my post nasal drip.

The procedure was easy.

I'm doing great...very good. The procedure was easy.

It really is amazing!

After many years, Dr. Silberman has me clear and free and breathing well. It really is amazing!

No sinus infections and no headaches.

No sinus infections and no headaches. I was having them daily practically...always on antibiotics. The procedure was good and it was a really wise decision to have the balloon sinus procedure done.

Definitely glad.

I am definitely glad I had the procedure, I don't have to use my flonase anymore.

It feels so much better!

I can breathe though my nose for the first time in many years. It feels so much better. I had no pain throughout the entire process.

He is amazing.

My son is amazing, he has never slept this well. He hast not been sick all winter.

It is a big relief!

You fixed me. I had surgery in Russia, 50 years ago and constant headaches since then, above my right eye. Now I have no more headaches for the first time. I don't have any headaches anymore, It is a BIG relief!

Please note: every patient is unique, and your results my vary.